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By establishing a co-operative we will create buying power and services assisting members to upgrade and maintain their vehicles; thereby increasing efficiency and profits.

Membership is based on a SERVICE CO-OPERATIVE.

View TFU SA Service co-operative Principals

Key Benefits

Collective voicing issues within the Port 

Direct access
to engage
with Transnet 

Presence to engage with Local Government 

Strong backing from Companies that operate in the industry 

Upliftment of Individuals & the Industry

Access to Local Government Trade and Industry 

Detailed Services

  • Diesel bulk/wholesale prices 

  • Tyres at discounted rates 

  • Repair network/ service providers 

  • Financial backing 

  • Driver training 

  • Finance/admin support 

  • Truckport/safe parking 

  • Truckport facilities, like overnight, showers, ablutions, food & convenience store

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